Here at cash4metal we do free car pickup and car removal, junk car removal, old car removal, salvage car, scrap cars, smashed car removal unwanted cars we pay you.

  • Free Car Removal                                Unwanted Cars Removal
  • Damaged Car Removal for Scrap        Car Disposal
  • Car Pickup or Car Removal                 Junk Car Removal
  • Old Car Removal                                  Salvage Car Removal
  • Scrap Car Removal                              Scrap Yard
  • Wrecked Cars                                       Wreckers Towing
  • Scrap Car Removal Towing

We will pick up you're car for free, If it has any value  
We Pay You!!!

Trying to sell your old car we come to you and give you cash4cars any conditon new or old.
If your car is crashed, smashed or damaged and has no value but you just want it out of your yard we will pick up your car free of charge.

Cash4Metal is simple to use. CALL or fill out the booking form and one of our staff will contact  you, to discuss a price for your car and free car removal.
0418 51 2203